How Local's grew online ordering volumes over 22x in 12 months

Olla helped the team at Local's Canna House seamlessly grow their eCommerce program bigger than anyone imagined.
Local's Canna House
Spokane, WA

Olla's Impact, By the Numbers

Local's growth metrics within the first 6 months:
  • 18x Growth in order volume
  • 75% Avg MoM Order Volume Growth
  • 31% Conversation rate
Within their first year, Local's eCommerce program resulted in:
  • $3.6mm through Olla
  • 70,000 transactions
  • 32% Conversation Rate
  • Customization and control of products

Ambitious Goals In a Competitive Market

Local's Canna House is Eastern Washington’s Original CRAFT Cannabis Retailer. Operating in a competitive market, they aren’t just another Spokane dispensary - at Local's Canna House, they take pride in providing the best cannabis experience to every single customer, whether it’s for recreational, medical, or health and wellness usage. They hand-select every product from local farmers to bring the freshest, highest quality cannabis to Spokane.

The Challenge

Local's Canna House was competing in a crowded, competitive market. Focused on achieving their revenue, and expansion goals for 2020,  they saw potential in online ordering helping them achieve their goals. However, they were concerned with how their loyal customers would embrace the new technology.

Whichever eCommerce solution they decided on, they needed to maintain control over their brand, conveying the core essence of what separated Local's Canna House from the herd. They weren’t interested in a rigid, lookalike widget embedded within their website.

The Solution

When evaluating eCommerce services, it was crucial that Local's core values were upheld - their requirements were offering the best customer experience available, and protecting their brand. After a lengthy search, they quickly valued Olla’s white-labeled, conversion-driven approach. Feeling they found the right partner to launch their eCommerce program, Local's Canna House signed on with Olla. After a seamless implementation process, and efficient virtual training for their staff, they launched their new eCommerce website, powered by Olla’s platform - the success that followed exceeded all expectations.

“Results That Speak For Themselves”

Within the first six-months of launching their eCommerce program, Local's Canna House saw 75% Month over Month growth in digital sales, resulting in over 6,000 orders a month. Initial concerns regarding how their customers would react to the shift to online-ordering, were quickly cast aside after reviewing their performance metrics - boasting a 31% conversion rate, it was clear their customers loved this new way to order.

In their first year with Olla, order volumes grew over 22x. Since then, Local’s Canna House has processed over 70,000 online orders, and $3,600,000 in online sales.

“Within weeks, we went from nothing to thousands of online orders a month. It was an incredibly fast and seamless transition. With Olla, the numbers speak for themselves.” - Jon Brendle, Vice President

The Olla Difference

After over a year of strong sales with Olla, the Local’s Canna House team decided to try another popular online ordering marketplace. Their decision was driven by the promise of patented technology to automate their inventory management process, as well as a lower monthly platform cost. Within a week of switching platforms, the management team  began receiving negative feedback from both customers, and their staff.

Customers began complaining and leaving negative reviews regarding their new online ordering platform, expressing concerns regarding data-collection, required account creation, and a high-friction ordering experience. Meanwhile, staff immediately found themselves spending hours correcting mistakes resulting from the automated inventory management technology. Less than a week after their transition, the team made the decision to switch back to Olla.

“The amount of inaccuracies resulting from the automated inventory management we were sold simply reallocated our staff’s time to fixing mistakes, rather than spending that time customizing and enriching our inventory with Olla.” - Jon Brendle, Vice President

Unbridled Control

For Local's Canna House, control, customization & customer satisfaction proved to be a huge benefit of working with Olla - “that was a lesson we learned the hard way,” says Jon Brendle, Vice President of Local's Canna House. “We quickly came to appreciate how unique Olla is as an eCommerce platform: its dependability, interface, control & performance. The numbers speak for themselves.”

“Olla is an extremely effective and dependable eCommerce platform. The statistics & growth metrics are true, we’re proof of that. Their platform will increase your cart size, and drive baseline revenue. For us, we were able to win market share, while increasing average customer spend - which were our main goals. Olla is really on it!” - Jon Brendle, Vice President