How Nova Farms Grew Their Online Ordering Volume 3,500% in Their First Year

Olla set Nova Farms up for massive success amidst the COVID pandemic.
Nova Farms
Framingham, MA

Olla's Impact, By the Numbers

Nova Farms' growth metrics within the first 6 months:
  • 27% Conversion Rate
  • 110% MoM Order Volume Growth
  • 12x Growth in Order Volume
Within their first year using Olla, Nova Farms achieved:
  • Over $43M in Sales powered by Olla
  • 360,000 Transactions
  • 10% Repeat Customer Purchases Within 2-7 Days
  • 90% of All Order Traffic (online and in-store) Placed Through Olla

Launching in a Challenging Environment

Nova Farms is dedicated to making cannabis accessible to everyone. With a core focus on providing a comfortable and casual environment, Nova Farms is driven to normalize cannabis and ensure customers of all backgrounds feel welcome and relaxed when shopping for their new favorite product. Nova Farms operates New England's largest outdoor cannabis farm in an extremely fertile area, with a stringent commitment to producing the most authentic cannabis available on the recreational market grown with 0 pesticides, a low carbon footprint, and highly sustainable practices.

Nova Farms opened their first store in Attleboro as the COVID pandemic was hitting the US - they were faced with having to remotely train their new employees and rethink their launch strategy to operate with the rapidly-changing restrictions in the retail environment. They were able to confidently launch their store and run all orders through Olla, and customize their online store to broadcast their brand and build loyalty with their new customer base.

The Challenge

With a guiding directive on being cannabis and culture forward, Nova Farms wanted to ensure they could always remain on the same level as their customers, and keep the shopping experience as casual and easy as possible. They looked at a variety of eCommerce solutions and knew that with a wide demographic ranging from ages 21-100, if they were running the same online store as their competition they weren't going to stand out.

The Nova Farms team was keenly aware that they wanted to offer a highly-customizable online store to their new customers that was incredibly intuitive and easy to use for both people browsing for products and for their staff to manage. 80% of their customers are shopping via a mobile device, so having a truly streamlined mobile shopping experience was a huge deciding factor for their team. They wanted their own native online store that was unique to them, and was implemented in the most efficient method possible to ensure ordering was barrier-free for customers of all backgrounds.

The Solution

Nova Farms signed on with Olla and were immediately impressed with the level of support they received from Team Olla to ensure they were set up for success on day 1. In the rapid pace environment of cannabis retail, they knew they had to work on the fly and be able to get up and running as efficiently as possible.

"I've worked with a lot of software providers and have had to jump through so many hoops to get everything to work. Olla's team jumped in and helped make sure we were set up properly and were readily available throughout the process. We had our Attleboro store set up in 2 hours - you can't get that elsewhere." - Marc Figueiredo, Director of Retail Operations

Nova Farms was immediately able to start cranking through online orders with a highly curated online store, and establish an incredibly efficient workflow for their staff to meet the extreme demand they saw from new customers flocking to their site.

Massive Growth

Nova Farms was able to navigate the challenges of operating during the pandemic and transform their parking lot to fulfill curbside orders, with staff on-hand with tablets to confirm orders as customers arrived. They were able to meet their demand head-on and quickly realize 110% average month over month order volume growth, processing over 131,000 orders in their first 6 months alone. Their customers enthusiastically adopted and loved their new ordering platform, and were impressed with how Nova Farms' online ordering, powered by Olla, was able to guide them to finding their desired products, and how easy it was to place an order from start to finish.

Within their first year, Nova Farms had processed over 360,000 orders resulting in over $43M in sales.

We're In This Together

Nova Farms was impressed by how easy it was for new staff joining the team to get up and running with fulfilling orders and tailoring their online store.

"The fulfillment process is super easy for our staff - we're able to train new staff incredibly quickly on Olla. You can be up and running in less than 30mins. The ease of use is huge in such a fast-paced industry." - Marc Figueiredo, Director of Retail Operations

The responsiveness and commitment to their customers ensured Olla was there to help whenever a question arose or situation occurred where they had to pivot to adapt to new challenges. Olla treats their retailer customer as partners, with a commitment to transparency and open communication, and this was crucial for Nova Farms whenever they needed assistance.

The Olla Difference

With Olla, Nova Farms was able to spotlight their brand and what makes them so unique, particularly their incredible variety of products and specific focus on curating the latest and freshest offerings to entice their customers. By leveraging the Olla platform, they were able to grow their order volume by 3,500% and take in over $43M in sales placed through Olla.

Nova Farms was able to balance the high-touch in-store environment they were committed to offering to make each interaction as comfortable and welcoming as possible, while meeting the needs of their busy customer base who demanded an efficient shopping experience. Their focus on curation and education before a customer even steps foot in their store has resulted in 80% of customers who place an online pre-order leaving with the exact products they ordered online.

Nova Farms is now running 90% of all orders both in-store and online through Olla, with big plans for new store launches on the immediate horizon based off the success of their initial model.

"The ease of use for our customers and staff, and overall power of the Olla platform has made our experience with Olla incredibly positive. We love the customizability of our online stores, and have been able to meet our customers on their level and exceed their expectations." - Marc Figueiredo, Director of Retail Operations