Our Mission

Heyo, we're Olla ✌️

We do things a bit differently around here - we're an independent company on a mission to help cannabis retailers harness the power of eCommerce, without the middlemen marketplaces!

We believe a retailer's brand should be front and center, and they should truly own both their customer experience and their data.

How We Work

Customer-first, through and through. 🤝

We're a fully-remote company, with team members spanning 6 countries and 8 times zones. 🌎

Team Olla has a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing a unique yet balanced perspective to our everyday operations. We value experimentation & encourage outside of the box thinking - question all assumptions & aim to make an impact!
At the end of the day, we're passionate humans helping other passionate humans succeed, we put our customers first - all day, every day. 💪

Dream big,
make an impact,
make the world a better place.
Mighty as Fu*k

We're really proud of what we do. 🙌


Value of digital orders processed by Olla in 2020.


Average number of digital orders placed using Olla, every minute, 24/7.

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