Front-End Developer

We're searching for a front-end focused developer to join our lean, fast-moving team! You'll be working in a fully remote and fast-paced environment. Cannabis, and more specifically CannaTech, evolves each week. As a result, our customer needs and product roadmap evolve quickly to continually push the envelope!


About Us

At Olla, we’re passionate about empowering cannabis retailers to blaze their own trail. We’re an independent company that’s uniquely anti-marketplace. Olla brings constant innovation, metric-based performance, and unparalleled control to cannabis eCommerce. We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on setting our customers up for success, viewing our customer’s success as our success. Using Olla, retailers can transition to online selling, increasing their digital footprint, scale their brand identity and drive customer acquisition and retention.

Shopping should be an exciting adventure, not a chore - Olla aims to change that.

Read more about us, here.


Olla is looking for an innovative, confident and organized Front-End focused developer, with a strong background in React.js and an aesthetic eye to join our team. You'll be working in a fully remote and fast-paced environment. Cannabis, and more specifically CannaTech, evolves each week. As a result, our customer needs and product roadmap evolve quickly to continually push the envelope!

In this role, you'll be hands-on with developing, deploying, maintaining, troubleshooting, and improving our customer-facing web applications, and our internal suite of tools. As part of our team, you'll have direct input into the 'what, why and how' - everyone @ Olla has a voice, and hands-on collaboration is key to our culture. This includes suggesting features, improvements, and processes.

The ideal candidate will bring strong technical abilities, sharp attention to detail, and a talent for creating a performant, beautiful interface.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain features in our React-based front-end architecture
  • Troubleshoot / problem solve as issues arise
  • Suggest architecture improvements / process improvements
  • Document processes for use by your current + future teammates
  • Make. It. Nice.

Recommended Qualifications


  • Professional experience working as a developer (ie. This isn't a good first-job. For most, this looks like 3+ years of prior experience)
  • React.js (16+, hooks), JavaScript ES2015+, Typescript
  • Designing + Evolving front-end architectures
  • Experience w/ REST API's
  • An eye for quality aesthetics - we work hard to make our products beautiful, and exciting to use


  • Ready to operate in a startup environment - folks who are organized, self-motivated, and innovative problem-solvers tend to thrive in our culture
  • Strong communication skills - as a remote team, this makes our world go round
  • Remote-Work experience - we've gotten pretty darn good @ this, but not everyone loves remote should!

Olla is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity at our company. Therefore, we do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. ♥️

Front-End Developer
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Company Perks

Healthcare Contributions

We believe in flexibility and options - source your own preferred healthcare plan, rather than being tied to ours.

We provide monthly healthcare stipends, atop your salary to contribute towards the cost of your healthcare.

Work Remotely

At Olla, your contribution to the team is what matters.

We support you working remotely wherever you’d like - we're a fully remote team!

Stock Options

We believe that all employees deserve to own a part of the future they help shape.

Receive generous equity grants, in addition to annual performance-based grants.

Unlimited PTO

Work-life balance is important.

We don't track PTO & encourage every member of the team to leverage this policy to their benefit! 🌴🍹

Flex Hours

As long as you are available to collaborate with the team during our core work hours, you can flex your schedule however you’d like. You do you, boo.

Library Program

Learning is important to us and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to keep learning as you work with us. Our library program pays for your books, spin up a virtual card and get cozy.

Principles To Guide The Way

Our Company Values

Give a damn.

In our increasingly digital world, as a largely distributed team & as a SaaS provider ourselves, the lines between software & humans can become blurred. We're passionate about considering, acknowledging and caring for the humans behind the screens.

This means we treat our customers empathetically, we treat each other with respect and kindness & we embrace the reality that everyone has life outside of work. We're big believers in the mantra "you teach people how to treat you."

Everyone has a voice - make yours heard.

As a small but mighty team, each and every member of Team Olla has a voice. This means that you (yes, you) have the power to shape our product, our processes, our policies & our culture. Being a part of the team means more than acknowledging this reality, but embracing it. Everyone is expected to contribute to shaping our future for the better - with great power comes great responsibility.

Embrace our responsibility.

We're committed to making Olla the best workplace you've ever been part of, but being a member of this team will mean some late nights, some weekends, some holidays. We work daily to minimize this impact, but own our position of responsibility with pride & rise to the occasion when we need to 'get it done'!

Business 101.

Financially, our North Star is profitability. We don't waste funds on things that don't matter, we don't give our product away for free & we don't believe that money will solve all of our challenges. We're passionate about shaping the future of our industry & building a business that will still be inspiring the future 15 years from now.

We're a bootstrapped company & have yet to take venture capital to date. We operate in a rapidly changing industry and value the ability to experiment & evolve with the changes. We get most excited about giving our team the room to work on the most interesting and high-impact problems.

Autonomy is 🔥.

Each member of our team has the full support and trust of the entity of the team just by being here - you were hired for a reason! We believe amazing things are possible when people are given the agency to be autonomous & forge their path forward. When possible, we're supportive of creating your own hours, working from wherever you want to work, working in ways that bring your joy & maximize your impact - we trust you to get it done.

Just remember, autonomy ≠ isolation! Communicate, collaborate & ideate.

KISS rules everything around us.

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Simple ≠ Easy - in fact, it's exceptionally challenging to create simple solutions to complex problems. We're passionate about creating intuitive, simple & joyous products that create significant impact - that's all part of 'giving a damn'! Question all assumptions, rework processes & aspire to make it 'simple.'


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